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M.I.A. Member Removal

For a while now there has always been the same few people playing. Now understandably there are things that happen in real life that need to be taken care of, and people notify other members that they may be gone for a few days. With that being said, there have been members that went completely M.I.A. and have not been seen in a very long time. We will be conducting a team roster cleanup soon that will be removing some of these M.I.A. members. If there are mitigating circumstances as to why you have not been playing please post in the forums and let us know.

New Recruitment

Along with the above topic, its sad to say that our roster will be looking a little more barren than we would like. With that being said, it would be helpful if members that do play and remain active would recruit qualified players for the team. The standard requirements apply, such as having a mic, being mature, team player and communicate consistently, things of that nature. If you find someone or if you know someone already, send them to the forums and lets get that moving. Remember, the more the better, but quality over quantity.






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